My first logbook

Yesterday was a really good day on paper. Now how do I convince my mind this is also the case? I’m starting an informal logbook to recap my days and gain perspective. Inspired by one of the first books I read as part of Seth Godin’s altMBA22. I won’t post every single one of these but since… Read More My first logbook


It still feels weird to think of ourselves this way. We’re the online generation all grown up. Well, sort of. We still like to go out and party. We don’t own cars. We like to bike. We zoom around on electric skateboards. We work hard. We start businesses or side hustles. We spend ~10 hours… Read More Adult.


What a dangerously ambiguous title, I know. Today, I had the nostalgic experience of looking through a batch of my headshots that were taken for a website I’m supposed to be listed on (no, it’s not Forbes). I thought about yearbook day as I panned through 18 photos of myself. Each one slightly different than the… Read More Headshots.