Storytelling in 2018.

I’ve always considered myself a creative person.

I’ve always had an unrelenting desire to create something that people will use. Something that I can stamp my name on and pridefully share it with the world.

I have an endless amount of ideas. For businesses. For clothing. For poems. For movies.

I even have a long backlog of blog posts like this one. I’ve just never hit “publish”.

Having ideas is great but ideas that never see the light of day don’t really exist.

That’s the problem.

Far too often, my creative process stops in the idea phase. The phase where I dream up something big or pour my heart out into a blog post only to shut it away for nobody to see.

Why do I hold back? I overanalyze. I worry about what people will think. Rather than just put myself out there and let the world tell me what they think.

2018 is going to be different.

I am making it my goal for this year to create more and consume less. I’m going to find my voice through storytelling.

I realize the people that I admire the most are the creators. The ones who forge their own paths, who are sharing their stories in their own unique way. To name a few:

  • TheMostFamousArtist – aka Matty Mo. A former tech entrepreneur turned artist who has a knack for creating viral artwork. His ability to reinvent himself and continue to push his work into the world is amazing.
  • Noah Kagan – a wise Jewish man who needs no introduction. Noah’s approach to goal setting was a big inspiration to my own goals for this year.
  • Cam Woodsum – I met Cam a year ago. He & I had similar experiences in tech. Since then, I’ve watched him transform his life by traveling the world and liberating himself of the social constructs most of us adhere to without questioning them.
  • Casey Neistat – from living in a trailer park to becoming one of the most influential storytellers on the internet. Casey didn’t become a success by going to film school. He knew he had stories to tell and he learned by doing over and over again.
  • David Marquardt – the older brother of one of my best friends. Dave has started 3 businesses (including a hilarious party game). All of which started out as passion projects that now support him to continue to create.

From the list above, some are minor celebrities, while some are just smart, creative people who have liberated themselves by embracing their inner need to create.

What do they have in common? They don’t spend time comparing themselves to others. They just do what makes them happy. They have a need to create and they learn by doing.

How will I create more than I consume?

Spend more time doing vs thinking. Doing means putting my work out into the world in whatever format it manifests itself.

Whether it be a company I want to start or stories that I want to share. I’m just going to do it and learn by trial.

Step 1 was creating this blog
Step 2 was writing this first post
Step 3 is achieving the discipline to be consistent

Consuming less is a bit more simple.

Buy less.
Embrace minimalism.
Stop consuming everything on social media.
Only spend money on necessities and experiences.
Share those experiences with others.

A wise Jewish man taught me a good way to set my goals for 2018.

The first thing you need to do is look back at everything you did 2017.  Then weed out the things you don’t like and do more of the things you love. Don’t forget to throw in an ambitious dream somewhere. Mine is to start a company. (I’m going to share more on this and my goals in my next post).

This year is about storytelling.

This year about setting the course for me to channel my creativity through whatever medium I see fit.

I can’t promise they’ll all be winners but I will push myself to keep getting better.

Let’s go.


much love,

// Maxx


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